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Live Without A Net!

A significant step in my writing process was getting out of my own head and sharing my stuff publicly. This meant getting into the right frame of mind to welcome and receive any and all feedback that might come my way and using it to become a better writer. Luckily, I knew some folks who were hosting monthly open mic nights. So, I gotta give a big thanks to Rich and Jenni over at Coffee Shop NE ( for dedicating that space for writers of all backgrounds to share their work and support each other. Give 'em your biz if you're in the area!

Twice during the last few years, I've had the chance to workshop some material there. The video here is from March 2017. Thanks to my sister Stacy for recording! Post a question/comment and let me know what you think!

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Thanks, June! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


Oh my gosh, Scott, you are hilarious. Every single line (just about) had me cracking up! I hear the sarcasm and your love of family in stories. Thank you for sharing!

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