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I'm Still Standing (and writing)

Hey, everyone! So much has happened in our world since my last post: The election, the post-election drama, the Capitol Insurrection, and the hopeful, yet still uncertain promise that a COVID vaccine could hold for us as nation. Like many of you, my time and attention were utterly consumed by these momentous events. As I labored to make sense of it, to keep up with the twists and turns that seemed to appear at the top of every hour, I struggled to step away. The fear of being uniformed looms pretty large in my psyche. As a teacher, I wanted to be able to provide answers for my students who were understandably perplexed by this seismic dislocation but who were also committed to asking questions, discussing, and drawing their own conclusions. Their interest, curiosity, and insight during these times has been so healing and inspirational. I am so grateful for them.

During the times this winter when I have been able to step away and really focus on my book, I have found myself reading and researching more than writing. Initially, I was very frustrated with this. I wanted to be making more progress. (For those of you that don't know, the idea for this book was hatched in late 2013. So, yeah. I've been at it awhile) Yet, every time I forced the fingers onto the keyboard what I tapped out was really half-baked.

By begrudgingly throwing myself back into research, I was able to discover some miraculous personal and historical threads that I could never have hoped to unearth had I not accepted my limitations and lack of knowledge. It has provided me with a strong narrative that helped me finish my second complete chapter. After a little editing, it'll end up at about 30 pages. Last summer, I finished the introduction and Chapter 1, totaling 27 pages. I have some parts of other chapters that I've started over the years but have hit walls. But I have those in my sights.

My book is heavy on examining the pop music of my childhood and how it mirrored the times. During this recent creative burst, I devoted nearly five pages to Don Henley's 1984 hit, All She Wants To Do Is Dance. I wasn't expecting it, but I'll be damned if I didn't turn up some compelling stuff. I'm really proud of it and can't wait for you to read it. If the circumstances allow, I hope to do another open mic night somewhere soon. We'll see.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Keep sending me any good vibes you can spare. I hope you and your families are healthy and happy.


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